All About Getting a Vajacial

There’s nothing like taking a little time away to focus on your own self care. And there are so many ways to express appreciation for the incredible things that your mind and body do for you on a daily basis. 

A spa treatment is always a good call; who could argue with an all-encompassing “you” time session? This is especially true for folks who prioritize the skin around their vagina. Since a Brazilian wax can leave your skin a little more sensitive, a vajacial is an excellent opportunity to restore and relax your pubic area.

What is a vajacial?

If you’re someone who's into grooming the hair and skin around your bikini line and outer labia, a vajacial may be the perfect treatment. A vajacial is a spa treatment that offers an array of benefits that can support healthy, hydrated, clear skin around the vagina. 

For many people, the idea of caring for the skin around their pubic area can be challenging, and even a foreign concept. Sometimes the simple act of shaving your legs can feel impossible, let alone dialing in any other area of your skin.

What are the benefits of a vajacial?

Now for the good stuff. If you’re wondering why the vajacial treatment is highly revered, we're here to spill the tea.


Vajacials can offer your skin a more even tone, alleviate bacteria and address hyperpigmentation. Of course, we must hold space to acknowledge that discoloration and hyperpigmentation are completely normal parts of our skin. And, depending on your chemistry, it may affect one person more than the other.

There are plenty of factors that determine hyperpigmentation like genetics, environment and autoimmune disorders.

When should you get a vajacial?

Timing is everything when it comes to eradicating our pores and refining our skin texture. In fact, scheduling a specific treatment after another can complement and even maximize the benefits received from that initial treatment.

Vajacials are best utilized in the week following shaving or a waxing appointment. Every person‘s biology is so different from the other. With this in mind, common side effects for you may look completely different for your neighbor.

Hair removal on the vagina can lead to excessive sensitivity and mild to moderate inflammation.

How is a vajacial performed?

Particularly sensitive areas require a level of precision, care and comfort when it comes to skin care. Your esthetician will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Parts of a vajacial treatment

Throughout the process your esthetician will cleanse, apply a manual  exfoliant and talk you through next steps. This process can include extractions, a mask and spa treatment if necessary. Your esthetician may use a wand before toning your skin to remove excess bacteria and protect your skin against future concerns like ingrown hairs and irritation. 

Who can receive the treatment?

A vajacial is a treatment available to all, barring skin concerns or conditions like eczema, psoriasis, etc. Depending on your skin condition, your treatment process may look a little different than someone who has non-reactive skin. 

Some folks wonder if they can still get a vajacial while pregnant, and the answer is a resounding yes!

How much does a vajacial usually cost?

Your vajacial appointment can last around an hour, so budget your time accordingly. Depending on the add-ons of your service, additional can range from $50-$60 per appointment.

How to do a DIY vajacial

Getting a DIY session in between treatments can help maintain the skin around your labia. 

You’ll begin with cleansing your skin using Clean Queen and warm water, paying attention to the area around the vulva. You remove excess pubic hair, wash off the skin and begin exfoliation. A gentle exfoliator is highly recommended since your vulvar skin is thin and prone to sensitivity. VLine’s Cacao Chocolate Vagina Scrub is a gentle and effective exfoliant for all skin types.

What products should you use?

Making a mask can be as easy as using some aloe vera, yogurt and orange slices. After your mask, you can use Whipped Coco Rose Vaginal Moisturizer to moisturize the skin. It has organic, cold pressed coconut oil, vitamin C, and other fantastic ingredients to nourish your skin and calm any irritation or inflammation.

Products to avoid

During your vajacial, you’ll want to avoid products that are particularly acidic on their own. Be mindful that a gentle soap and exfoliator are much different than a harsh one with chemical factors like AHA or BHA. Sticking to gentle products is best for intimate, sensitive skin.

If you’re curious about how a vajacial can take your skin care game to the next level, browse VLine’s products and learn more about our line of vaginal care. We aim to empower women and normalize conversations about our bodies.

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