How to Give Yourself an At-Home Vajacial

We’re crossing that delicate bridge between spring and summer and we’re here for cleansed and comfortable vagina life.

Whatever do we mean by that? The days of inflammation and irritation are over. We’re no longer living in 2002 and our vaginas shouldn’t be either. If you are heading out for a vacation or you’ll be skipping out on a few of your regular vajacial appointments, let’s set you up with a solid DIY plan to keep your vagina happy in between visits.

What is a vajacial?

If you’re new to the world of the vajacials, let us acquaint you. A vajacial focuses on a spa treatment for the vulva, paying careful attention to your bikini line and outer labia. It does not include treating the inside of your vagina, but instead your pubic area as a whole.

Facial vs vajacial

You can think of a vajacial as a facial for your vagina. A facial focuses on the deep cleansing and relief offered to the skin on your face during a spa treatment. Utilizing steam, vitamins and a specific cleansing method, vajacials are a gift from the goddesses.

When is the best time to get a vajacial?

If you’re due for a bikini or Brazilian wax, you might be curious when the best time to perform your at-home vajacial is. If you have been getting consistent vajacials once or twice a month, you’ll want to plan for around 10 days after getting waxed. This gives your hair time to grow just beneath the skin, creating an ideal environment to loosen any type of ingrown hairs or clogged pores.

The benefits of a vajacial

Picture the way you feel after a facial appointment. Your skin is glowing, you're totally mesmerized by the release of dopamine and serotonin in your body and your pores are cleaner than the sparkling walls of the Sistine chapel. Vajacials have an incredible slew of benefits that if performed consistently, produce desirable results and an evolution of sorts for your skin.

Prevent bumps, ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation

A vajacial can release any tension that will cause pores to develop ingrown hairs, prevent bumpy skin and even address hyperpigmentation. Smoothing the skin around your bikini line, they can even prevent acne and keep your skin hydrated.

Remove dead skin cells and promote healthy skin

With this level of attention to detail, the exfoliation during your DIY vajacial helps to clear away dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow to keep your skin happy and healthy. Our pubic area is home to some of the most sensitive skin on our bodies. Treating it with a little tender love and care ensures favorable results and opportunities for your skin to breathe.

Steps to doing a vajacial at home

If you’re getting ready to do your first vajacial at home, there’s a few solid steps to take to make sure you get the most out of your time and energy.

Start with a cleanser

First things first. You’ll want to start off your DIY vajacial with a va-gentle cleanser (we know that was a stretch). This can be done in the shower or during a bath, or if you don’t have time, we won’t judge you if you toss your leg up on the side of the sink. 

Cleansing your bikini area with warm water can help open up your pores and allow your skin to reap the benefits of your scrubs and masks that follow.

The exfoliating scrub

There are endless scrubs to choose from and our best advice is to choose the one attuned to your skin needs. VLine’s Cacao Chocolate Vagina Scrub is gentle, and safe exfoliant for all skin types. Take a good dip into your exfoliating scrub and gently rub it around your entire pubic area. This will give your skin a little resurfacing and help even out tone and texture. As your exfoliating scrub removes dead skin cells, you’ll notice that your skin will become softer than you’ve felt in quite some time. 

A refreshing mask (optional) 

After washing the exfoliating scrub away, if you have a few extra minutes, putting on a rejuvenating mask can help soothe your skin and allow your pores to soak up the delicious ingredients to help keep your pubic area and vulva hydrated.

Moisturize!vajacial moisturizer

In the final step to this simple process is to simply lather up and your favorite moisturizer. We recommend VLine’s Whipped Coco Rose Vaginal Moisturizer for an all-natural moisturizer with a bunch of benefits. It seals things off at the perfect moment, closing the pores and calming your skin's surface.

As your skin starts to settle and absorb your luxurious at-home spa treatment, you’re going to begin to see why a vajacial is one of the most popular and effective treatments you could provide for your pubic area. If you have more questions about how to bring the vajacial experience home, browse our product line and begin your journey.

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