Foods for a healthy Vagina!

Foods for a healthy vagina

Hey Queen! How is the new year treating you? We are well underway in manifesting greatness over here at V Line Headquarters! This year is going to be so full of absolute amazingness and we can’t wait to bring you along!

While the V Team was getting our list of goals, projects and this year’s manifestations together, we sat down with all the necessities and thought what can we, do to supplement a healthy eating routine while keeping our vagina in mind?

I’m sure by now we all have a familiar idea on what is healthy (or not) for our Vagina. We are all different, so here’s where it gets tricky. Although you may have a generally healthy lifestyle, there are times your Vagina just needs a bit of extra help. These simple adjustments to your diet can totally affect how your Vagina feels and I’ve learned these silly mistakes more times than I care to admit! So here are the details on a few vaginal issues you may have come across and how prioritizing your vaginal health (and yourself) can be a form of self care. Please feel free to share with your circle of queens; because, takes a village!

pH issues? Maybe you don’t even know you have this trouble. What if you had a new odor, more discharge than usual or slight itching? These can all be the tell tale signs of an unbalanced pH. Your body can quickly become unbalanced due to using soaps with fragrances (We always recommend our Clean Queen Vulva Wash), wearing tight fitted clothing, or even eating too many processed foods also high in sugar. The solution is easy, however. Eating lots of probiotic rich food like sauerkraut, plain yogurt, kombucha and drinking lots of water!

Irregularity is probably the most common symptom a woman can experience. Irregular blood flow and reduced estrogen levels can lead to infertility, irregular periods, and vaginal dryness. These symptoms can be directly related to stress, menopause, or other hormonal changes. Let’s start at one of the easiest foods to incorporate. Consuming any citrus fruits allow women to become less likely to develop uterine fibroids! Rich antioxidant foods you may like to incorporate would be pomegranates, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples and goji berries. Supplementing your diet with phytoestrogens or compounds that mimic estrogen in the body ( like minimally-processed soy edamame, tofu, tempeh & miso) that allow you to retain more water and are beneficial for the skin. 

Avocado, the final super food that we will discuss could be the solution to your libido issues! Yep, you heard that right! Your favorite avocado toast breakfast may actually be better for you than you realized! In addition to hormonal changes, vaginal dryness & weakened vaginal walls can be the leading cause for your less-than active libido. Avocado’s are full of healthy fats, vitamin B6 and potassium. All amazing, all natural supplements within an avocado to help with lubrication, estrogen levels, strengthening the vaginal walls, and may even increase IVF success!

If you are worried about the health of your bikini area, attempting to focus on what foods not to eat are key! Processed foods with added sugars and trans fats can send your lady bits into a frenzy! These unhealthy foods can make your urine more acidic causing a foul odor, among other symptoms. Common foods to avoid before a night or weekend away are garlic, asparagus, onions, brussel sprouts, fish, coffee, red meat, spicy foods and certain vitamin supplements like choline. Want to stay fresh, we have all the products to help! From our Clean Queen Vagina Wash to our Intimate lighting scrubs V Line Women Intimate Skincare is always here!

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