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We are so honored our skincare sister and aesthetician extraordinaire, Bianca Marrero of Skin Tea with Ms. B, wrote a review of our V Line Women products and the importance of vaginal skincare.  We will link the original article at the bottom of the post.



By: Bianca Marrero

It's crazy that in 2021 people still get weirded out when I describe this product that I think is absolutely amazing. Artisan Vegan Skincare for your Vagina. Yup, I said it.  

Your Vagina has skin and it needs to be exfoliated and moisturized and definitely not with the same products you use on your face, that would be a little harsh don't you think?

Being in the skincare business for 10 plus years I was completely guilty of not taking care of the skin on my vagina. I of coursed cleansed her and sometimes moisturize her depending on the mood but nothing consistent and then OMG exfoliate her!?

Someone I had known for quite a few years started V Line Women and I seen posts on social media but for some reason it just didn't grab my attention. Then one day I got into my little "I need to support small businesses" mood and decided to purchase V Line Women's Cacao Chocolate Vagina Scrub and their Whipped Coco Rose Vagina Moisturizer. Literally, all it took was one experience in the shower with the scrub and I was hooked. 

The scrub smells like a dessert and then it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and exfoliated. The moisturizer made my skin feel so soft and plumped, I had a spa experience in the privacy of my own home and loved every minute of it. I immediately called the owner/friend and apologized for not trying the product sooner and told her how proud I was that she created such an amazing product.

Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself. You can use the scrub up to three times a week and the moisturizer I use twice a day. I have a code that you can use for a discount.

Go to and type SKINTEAWITHMSB when you check out if it doesn't pop up on its own.

If you already have this product and love it as much as I do comment and let me know!



original article: Skin Tea with Ms. B

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