The Benefits of Using a Booty Scrub

Let’s face it, our cheeks are having a moment. All butts are beautiful. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, and we shake them proudly and loudly on the dance floor. Taking care of our skin is one way to practice self-care and to feel like our best selves. Part of fulfilling that care looks like drinking water, calling your loved ones and making an effort to shower to feel refreshed.


The shower is where all of the greatest epiphanies happen, so we’re big fans of extending that time by a few extra minutes. If you’re not using a booty scrub in the shower yet, let us indulge you.

What is a booty scrub?

The skin on our cheeks below the belt is just like the skin on the rest of your body. Dead skin cells buildup, clogged pores are an issue and some folks even struggle with acne on their butt. All of these things are completely normal, And it’s OK to have goals for your skin. The booty scrub is just like your classic exfoliating scrub but it’s attuned to your cheeks.

When to use a booty scrub

You know how certain things sound great in theory but tricky in practice? This is not one of those things. Using a booty scrub doesn’t have to be set to a specific time of day or skin condition.


You can use a booty scrub in the shower lightly each day, or every other day. Just make sure you give a little TLC to your skin after exfoliating.

Directions for applying a booty scrub

Yes, it may seem obvious that applying a booty scrub goes directly onto the booty. However, making sure to apply it correctly helps you see all of the benefits and see more concentrated results. 


You can apply your booty scrub on dry to damp skin and let it sit for a few minutes before you rinse it off.

Booty scrub vs butt mask

Since we’re living in a booty focused era, products are finding their way to the shelves claiming the words butt and booty. There’s a distinction between a booty scrub and a butt mask. The goal is to know which is which and how to utilize each. Butt masks act similarly to face masks. They are a specific type of mask that you slather on, let sit for sometime and wash off, revealing tighter pores, clarified skin and smooth to the touch cheeks.

What does a booty scrub do for your skin?

Booty scrubs have plenty of incredible factors, but what exactly do they do for your skin? They knock out the three pillars of skin care concerns in one fell swoop.

Exfoliation benefits

We know that exfoliation is crucial for skin cell regeneration and knocking loose ingrown hairs. When you begin consistently exfoliating with a booty scrub, you keep those pores clean, reducing the chances of acne and acting as an anti inflammatory measure. Doing this helps reduce long-term scarring, hyperpigmentation and other unfavorable skin concerns. For folks who struggle with keratosis pilaris, stretch marks and butt acne, exfoliation is crucial.

Helps keep your skin hydrated

Booty scrubs can also create a more permeable surface for lotions and hydrators to do their best work. Always remember to slather your favorite moisturizer on your butt cheeks after exfoliating in the shower. A hydrated booty is a happy booty.

Collagen production and skin toning

When we exfoliate, we typically tend to massage our muscles and tissue without even thinking about it. Moving a booty scrub around in a circular motion on your cheeks helps activate some important processes in your skin like collagen production. Collagen production and skin toning are two essential pieces of healthy, radiant skin. So, as you stimulate those collagen producing cells, your skin will reach a more even tone.

The best booty scrub for you to use

If we’re keeping it real, we’re huge fans of booty scrubs and all things skin care.booty scrub benefits We work way too hard to not pamper ourselves with the bare minimum. And yes, we keep moving the goalpost of the bare minimum because as life presents even more challenges, we must create more space to truly provide ourselves with care and tenderness.

VLine Women’s Piña Colada Booty Scrub

We know we’re biased but the VLine Women’s Piña Colada Booty Scrub is too divine to not put on a pedestal. If you’re ready to take the plunge and give your skin the love and care it deserves, pop on over to our website and browse our heavenly body scrub selection.

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