The Best Skincare Routine for Your Vagina

Your vagina has a lot of responsibilities. Between regulating an entire cycle and keeping things in order, creating a few intentional moments to take extra good care of her is the least we can do. Just like your face, your vagina is subject to its own little world of elements. 

Sweat, bacteria, and various clothing materials affect the amount of oxygen and breathing room your pores receive. Setting up a skincare routine for your vagina is easier than it sounds, and offers a level of benefits you’ll never give up once you get started. 

Why should you consider starting a vaginal skincare routine?

It might be difficult to conceptualize a vaginal skincare routine. Vaginal skin care it’s just one piece of overall vaginal health. Our skin is an organ too, and maintaining a healthy environment for it is the best way to preserve its long-term stability. 

The best way to clean the vagina

Cleaning your vagina means knowing your anatomy well. And knowing how to care for all parts of you can prevent irritation, yeast infections and keep skin conditions and flare-ups at bay. 

Cleaning your vagina regularly can help maintain your pH balance and prevent ingrown hairs via a vaginal moisturizer. You’ll want to start off by using warm water and a plant based gentle cleanser. Our Clean Queen herbal foam wash helps keep your skin happy and non-irritated, then proceed as usual with your typical rinse and repeat after lathering up.

vagina skincare routineDo you need a skincare routine for your vulva?

Your vulva, or vagina, is in absolute need of a skincare routine. Like the sensitive skin on your face, your vulva requires maintenance, and care, and for you to be willing to commit to that routine.

What are the benefits of a skincare routine?

There are endless benefits to establishing a skincare routine for your whole body. Routines are good for your mental health in general and committing to them means we engage with structure throughout our day. The greater benefit comes from the results of that task and building trust and confidence by proving to yourself that you can commit to a structured schedule. Stretching beyond just skincare benefits, a skincare routine is a great propeller for keeping a healthy headspace.

What ingredients should you look for in vaginal skincare products?

There are some classic ingredients that are non-negotiable when it comes to moisturizer ingredients, especially for sensitive skin areas. In vaginal skin care products, you want to look for organic raw coconut oil, organic rose oil, and delicious ingredients like omega fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin C. Combined, these ingredients can calm irritation, reduce inflammation and brighten your skin. No toxic ingredients, no preservatives.

The best skincare products for your vulva

Ultimately, you know your skin better than anyone, and your knowledge of what ingredients soothe your skin is valuable. When it comes to your vulva, make sure that you purchase products that are pH friendly and organic to keep your skin happy and healthy. 

Vaginal cleanser

Today’s marketing will have you thinking that a product chock-full of terrible ingredients can actually do something for your skin. Our herbal foaming vagina wash knocks all of your needs out of the park. The soothing formula to combat irritation illuminates excessive odors and leaves behind a moisturizing blend of Shea butter and chamomile. 100% plant-based, Clean Queen is the vaginal cleanser you’ve been looking for.

Exfoliate and scrub

Instead of opting for a product with ingredients, you can barely pronounce, consider a gentle blend of cacao, almond, and cold-pressed oil that benefits all skin types. Full of antioxidants, The cacao chocolate vagina scrub is perfect for scrubbing and rubbing, and exfoliating your skin to a smooth, healthy glow.


Of course, without its trusty sidekick moisturizer wouldn’t be as effective as it is when all three work together. Our whipped cocoa rose vaginal moisturizer contains ground rose buds, rose petals, raw coconut oil, and Rosehip oil. Complementing your vaginal cleanser, these moisturizers are perfect to seal in those pores and keep your skin plump and hydrated.

Shop natural skincare with VLine Women

Switching skin care products might initially feel inconvenient. But, the return on your investment in natural, organic products is truly invaluable. If you’re ready to make the switch, head over to our website and browse our fantastic line of intimate skincare products.

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