What is a Vaginal Moisturizer?

Endless summer has arrived, and she’s mourning the lack of moisturizer used over the winter season. Making up for lost time is a role that moisturizer takes on that costs the health of your skin, and the depth of your pockets. 

Vaginal moisturizers are crucial through every season, but understanding how they can act as a restorative and preventative can help you get the best out of your skincare routine.

What is a vaginal moisturizer for?

With so many skincare products available today, knowing which product to use on what area is like knocking out a crossword puzzle. Knowing where they intersect and complement one another is an integral part of the puzzle. Vaginal moisturizers help keep the skin around your vagina hydrated.

what is a vaginal moisturizer

VLine’s Whipped Coco Rose Vaginal Moisturizer is completely organic, formulated with nutritious, healthy, and hydrating ingredients. 

This may puzzle folks who are always struggling with keeping the humidity low in their underwear. But, moisturizing your skin can help decrease overall humidity and stickiness by giving your vagina the chance to absorb nutrients and breathe.

Vulva moisturizer for skincare

Vulvar moisturizers for skin care take into consideration our bodies natural oils and vaginal dryness.

We’ve all had the “wow” moment when trying a skincare product for the first time. And when we say there's truly a skincare product for everything, we mean everything. Vulvar skin care is essential to the sensitive, vulnerable parts of your body. Vulvar skin acts as a shield, and treating it as such can help keep you protected.

Vaginal moisturizer for dryness

Dry skin can impact your day to day living at some of the most inconvenient moments. We’re talking in the bedroom, on a bike ride or just going shopping. With irritation at an all time high, dryness is the last thing you want to battle with on a good day.

Dry skin is uncomfortable and exacerbates other related symptoms. If you’re prone to dry skin, the act of hydration is essential. Having an assist from moisturizers is something that people of all ages experience. Genetics play a role just as much as the aging process and environmental factors do.

The benefits of a vulva moisturizer

There are so many advantages to regular vaginal moisturizing that fly under the radar. The truth is that as our bodies age, their needs and abilities do, too. Thin, post-menopausal vulvar tissue is known to experience dryness. Dryness can come from hormonal shifts, cancer treatment, decongestants and more. 

Addresses hyperpigmentation

Everyone has some form of hyperpigmentation as it develops where skin meets skin. Even still, navigating hyperpigmentation can be difficult. One of the main concerns for many people is what’s perceived as discoloration. And even though it is common for all bodies, it can lead to insecurity and frustration. A vaginal moisturizer helps replenish your skin after exfoliating, and it creates a more even tone and texture.

Softens your skin and pubic hair

Softening your skin and pubic hair is easier done than said. Incorporating a vulva moisturizer into your post shower routine can help replenish that sensitive skin after exfoliation. The more consistent you are with the product, the better your results.

Gentle, organic ingredients nourish skin

Offering your skin the nourishment it needs is the bare minimum. When we take care of the largest organ on our body, we make a commitment to protecting the body as a whole.

How to use vulva moisturizer

There are plenty of “how to’s” we skip because of our confidence in our experiences. But this is one instance where you don’t want to throw away the instructions before diving in. For the health of you, your vagina and the skin surrounding it, follow instructions slowly and carefully.

Only apply externally

When applying your moisturizer, make sure to keep the product external on the outer labia, and not internally. Doing so could cause infection, impact the pH of your vagina and more.

Use morning and night

Have you ever found yourself questioning the efficacy of a moisturizing product? With many skin care routines, they must be implemented for a few weeks before results can be revealed. And that’s a few weeks of consistent application. 

To get the most from your skincare routine, layering products morning and night helps encourage collagen production

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