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Ingrown Hair  Eliminating Oil 🍋
Ingrown Hair  Eliminating Oil 🍋
Ingrown Hair  Eliminating Oil 🍋

Ingrown Hair Eliminating Oil 🍋

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Say bye to troublesome ingrown hairs with 2oz of our Plant Powered 💯 Natural, Ingrown Eliminating Oil!

This Jojoba based oil is great for cleansing and spot treating your bikini line. Our oil is safe for use on all skin types on all intimate areas. 

We've combined the best vegan plant powered ingredients to help calm, heal and soothe your skin, kill ingrown hair causing bacteria, lighten dark spots, fight odor and regulate your hormones!! Tea tree, lavender and lemon essential oils work together to bring you noticeable results all while smelling AMAZING!!! (Muff Buff exfoliating mitt included with every ingrown oil purchase)

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Borage (Star Fruit) Oil, Prim Rose Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil

Directions: First exfoliate with your included Muff Buff during a warm shower. Add a couple drops of oil to your clean hands and rub on your vagina and booty. Spot treat where needed or apply liberally to intimate areas. 

*Pro Tip: Our Ingrown oil can be used before and after all forms of hair removal to help prepare and soothe the skin. Get created and use on all areas of your body where you grow hair! (Men love this product on their beards and necks) 

*External Use Only*

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