Coco Rose Bikini Melt
Coco Rose Bikini Melt

Coco Rose Bikini Melt

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V Line Women Coco Rose Bikini Melt is the perfect luxury skincare for your Vulva.  

A proprietary blend of organic oils including rosehip, geranium, organic roses and organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil pack a ton of nutritious ingredients like omega fatty acids, natural vitamin A (Retinal) and C to help moisturize, plump, brighten and smooth the skin as well as calm irritation and inflammation. V Line gives the appearance of lighter pigment and smoother skin with out all the bad ingredients.

How to use:

Apply dime sized amount of Coco Rose Melt on full Vulva, on your butt [yes even in the crack] and down your thighs morning and night for best results.



Organic Cold Pressed Raw Coconut Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Geranium, Ground Rose buds and Rose Petals

Pro tips

Coconut oil starts to melt at 76 degrees, do not leave in car. 

*External Use only.