About Us!

Hi, I'm Nichole, Medical Esthetician and  Founder/CEO of V Line Women.

How it all started  

Pregnancy and age can really change a lot in your skin. I definitely saw some changes in my intimate areas after the birth of my daughter. Things just seemed different... my skin started looking dehydrated and started to show darker pigment when I never had that issue before. 

I started looking for Vagina moisturizers and scrubs but didn't have much luck finding natural plant based products. All the products I was finding had a long list of harsh ingredients and harmful preservatives. When I was looking for intimate skincare I needed the bare minimum amount of ingredients that could make the biggest change and help address my concerns without throwing off my PH or putting harsh chemicals in to my body. 

Did you know your Vagina is one of the most absorbable organs of your body? Why would you want to put chemicals on it that you can't even pronounce?

So I started researching ingredients and formulations trying to create the products I needed. I enrolled in a natural skincare formulation school based out of the UK so I could properly develop safe products. I would give my first samples to my estie friends to try out before and after waxing their clients and reformulate as needed. 

I finally created a plant based, natural Vagina Skincare line made of raw, organic, cold pressed (keeping all the goodness) Coconut Oil. Our products are esthetician created, Gynecologist approved, fragrance free, chemical free, vegan, cruelty free and just all around good for you. 

Our V products are packed full of Fatty Acid Omegas to help rebuild collagen to plump and firm your Vagina. The natural occurring Vitamin A, C and E in our products help to smooth and brighten and dark pigment on your Vagina, Inner thighs, or Butt. The coconut oil has natural anti microbials keeping odors and bacteria away.

 Our products dry silky smooth making them a hit with all ages. Your vagina is rubbing up against clothes, panty liners, and maxi pads all day long. Why not create a beautiful barrier with our products to protect your delicate skin and keep in your moisture. 

I love it, my clients love it, my family and friends love it and I know you will too. Thanks for being a part of our movement! XOXO Nichole