Sexy Sampler Kit
Sexy Sampler Kit

Sexy Sampler Kit

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Try our three best selling products in convenient 1 oz sample sizes!

♡ Whipped Coco Rose Vagina Moisturizer 

♡ Cacao Chocolate Vagina Scrub

♡ Piña Colada Booty & Body Scrub


*All of our products are gynecologist approved, vegan and cruelty free!


Whipped Coco Rose Vagina Moisturizer

V Line Women Whipped Coconut Rose Moisturizer is the perfect luxury skincare for your Vagina. 

A proprietary blend of organic oils including rosehip, organic roses and organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil pack a ton of nutritious ingredients like omega fatty acids, vitamin A and C to help moisturize, plump, brighten and smooth the skin as well as calm irritation and inflammation. V Line gives the appearance of lighter pigment and smoother skin with out all the bad ingredients and preservatives. 

Our Whipped Coconut Rose Vagina Moisturizer is great for all skin types and won't mess up the PH of your V! 


Cacao Chocolate Vagina Scrub

An organic chocolate brownie for your Vagina!

This gentle blend of cacao, almond and cold pressed oils makes a gentle and effective scrub for your Vagina. These super ingredients pack your skin full of antioxidants to help the appearance of more plump, moisturized, brighter, and smoother skin all while leaving you smelling like chocolate. The gentle manual exfoliation helps to sloth off dead skin, getting rid of ingrown hairs and preventing the chances of new ones.

Piña Colada Booty Scrub

Have some tropical fun with our best selling Booty and Body Scrub!

Gentle organic Cane Sugar and shredded coconut help to exfoliate dead skin leaving you softer, brighter and smelling like summer time. Just a touch of tea tree helps to kill bacteria from body acne as well as clear up any ingrown hairs.